Edicos is a digital agency and financial software producer from Hannover, Germany, serving several major brands in the local market. Its customer is a Japanese sports equipment manufacturer. Their running shoes are well known among runners and one of the most recognizable products of the brand.

The customer operates its websites worldwide on a variety of content management systems, but has gradually moved its entire content management suite onto a Sitecore platform. In 2015, the customer’s German subsidiary, which maintains a pool of websites for the entire European region, decided to replace its legacy Drupal-based content management system with a Sitecore implementation and further leverage Sitecore’s unique marketing capabilities.


To introduce a simple and powerful mechanism of website structure, content, and configuration templating to enable users to create new websites quickly througha user-friendly wizard.To provide full flexibility in modifiying existing websites, while at the same time retaining inheritance from the websites’ template on unmodified itemsTo integrate the solution with Edicos’s ACN system for insurance calculationTo be able to deliver front-end/back-end integration by teams in Germany (frontend) and Poland (backend).

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The Sitecore XP is one of the leading online marketing platforms, exposing several unique advanced  online marketing features, being its major competitive advantage. Sitecore XP features and unique, built in Big Data analysis system called xDB, which is capable to analyse visitor’s behaviour realtime, deliver advanced personalisation capabilities and drive his activities toward the organisation’s business goals. Thanks to Big Data analysis, Sitecore XP is able to build a holistic visitor’s profile, which is an invaluable material for an online marketer to further expand his knowledge about  company’s customers, potential customers but also competition, who browse company’s website

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