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Piwik is a leading open-source analytics platform that provides relevant and reliable data on user behavior. Information collected by Piwik is controlled and managed by the owner of the site, which is crucial for corporations and government organisations that need to maintain a strict privacy policy and legal environment. The Piwik application is utilized by over 1,000,000 websites throughout the world, representing a great number of enterprises (small, medium, large, government institutions, and NGOs). Piwik PRO itself is the world leader in delivery of dedicated analytics solutions and offers a large variety of services, ranging from cloud solutions through modification of existing systems and new integrations as well as consulting and training.


To integrate the Piwik PRO platform with SharePoint, we had to analyze two approaches. Share- Point’s On-premise solution is the most popular approach today, but cloud-based Office 365 is increasing its market share. Due to completely different implementation processes, it was decided in the first phase that the solution would be based on local farms, following the farm solutions model. The next step was to develop a solution using the App model, which is based on a cloud approach.

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 SharePoint is one of the most recognized and widely used DMS/ BMP platforms. It is a Microsoft product, and for the last couple of years it has become increasingly popular and recognized for its  efficiency. The platform is dedicated to developing tools that support company activities, including  managerial process modeling and efficient document management. SharePoint is easily scalable, so it can be adjusted to ever increasing company needs, which makes it a great enterprise-class tool that is used by corporations around the world. Due to a variety of functionalities, SharePoint increases its customer base every year.

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Grzegorz Jendroszczyk Key Account Manager at  Piwik Pro

Coders Center is a solid and trustworthy partner. We were very pleased to find a company with experts from various areas of SharePoint development. They quickly tackled obstacles that we had been trying to overcome for some time with previous partners. I would gladly recommend Coders Center to anyone searching for expertise in Microsoft Stack. We look forward to continued cooperation with Coders Center in integrating Piwik with SharePoint.

Michal Nikolajuk Head of Delivery  at Coders Center

Data accessibility has become crucial in decision- making, especially for big enterprises. Integration between such developed platforms as Web Analytics and SharePoint was an interesting and ambitious challenge that provided considerable satisfaction. We’re looking forward to future steps into Cloud and Office 365.