About Coders Center

Coders Center was established on June 1st 2014. Since then, the company has worked on numerous interesting and challenging projects across the globe. The company offers ECMS development and expertize to digital and PR agencies, helping them to secure their technology capabilities and widen their technical competence scale. In addition, the company delivers consultancy support, project development and support services to direct customers in collaboration with digital agency partners. During the past two years, Coders Center has grown its technical team from one person to over fifty specialists working on enterprise technologies. Coders Center is the only company in Poland, and one of few in Central & Eastern Europe, to have gained recognition as a Sitecore Gold Implementation Partner. The company also received the Sitecore Experience Award for Site of the Year and Contextual Intelligence in 2015.

Our technologies

In addition to Sitecore, the company offers development and implementation of Adobe Experience Manager/CQ, Magnolia CMS, SAP Hybris, Episerver and SharePoint systems, and is constantly developing its knowledge of emerging technology systems and trends. Coders Center also specializes in enterprise search engines including HP IDOL, and Digital Asset Management Systems such as MediaBin, ADAMSW and Razuna. Following the recent acquisition of the Autonomy CX product by OpenText, Coders Center has responded by offering ‘quick wins’ for customers seeking to move on to new technology solutions. The company has also introduced a simple and effective process for upgrading to newer Enterprise System versions being currently used by customers.


Thanks to new innovations implemented across enterprise systems such as xDB based on MongoDB in Sitecore and others like Hadoop, the company has gained further expertize in big data systems. 

Quality driven

Quality standards are consistently met thanks to ongoing ASTQB/ISTQB certifications. The company has invested in test automation and utilizes the most accurate and reliable software and hardware support.

Strategic Partnership

Coders Center focuses on building and maintaining strategic relationships with their partners and customers. The past corporate experience of the company’s owners has helped Coders Center develop robust processes and procedures that help support both us and our stakeholders in achieving strategic and operational objectives.

Company Range

Coders Center has registered locations in the United Kingdom and the United States. The company has delivered projects across Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Singapore, Sweden, UK, USA and many other countries. 

Investment Opportunity

Coders Center began as a small start-up; today the company has over fifty employees, and defined sales and delivery offices. Decisions are made swiftly whilst encouraging input from staff. The company invests heavily in its technical staff, developing expertize through training with recognized worldwide certification centers.  Our organization is ready to take the next step. A big step. The company is ripe for expansion, both in terms of geography and the team. Coders Center is seeking investors that will help in developing our infrastructure and human resources in order to deliver excellence to even more clients.

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