Demex is a leading provider of complex land security solutions in Northern Europe. The company produces and distributes fences and security systems, with a  focus on improving current products and introducing new, high tech solutions. As an international supplier, Demex has access to a unique supply base that allows delivery of their products worldwide.


The combination of a portal platform based on EPiSERVER with EPiCommerce, web sales platform is a powerful tool for marketers. Content editing at a single page level, advanced SEO features, and a dashboard dedicated to web traffic analysis are just some  of the features offered by these platforms. Out-of-the-box features combined with great customization possibilities makes EPiSERVER a market leader in Web Content Management technology according to Gartner MQ 2015.

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EPiSERVER is a Swedish CMS product, acquired by Ektron in 2015. It offers an enterprise grade-platform to develop advanced ECMs solutions, intranet and e-Commerce portal. One of the strongest points of the CMS is its exceptional user experience delivered by subtle and harmonic aesthetics of user interface and ease of use.  The platform was based on .NET solutions, greatly accelerating development and deployment of the solutions. Together with granular personalisation, EPiSERVER’s Digital Experience Cloud (SaaS subscription), strong mobile support, and optional EPiCommerce module, the platform delivers enhanced online marketing capabilities.

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