Our client is a European distributor of high-class vacuum cleaners with water filters. The main channel of distribution involved direct sales. To match the latest sales trends and modern buying habits, our client decided to expand the possibility of online sales. Creating a new online service was also an opportunity for enterprise digitization and adjusting the sales process to a newly implemented model.


The project was created entirely by Coders Center with help from a digital marketing agency. The technology used was based on Sitecore v7.2 with full digital marketing support module. It took 4 months to deliver the product, and Coders Center continues to maintain service performance and availability.

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The Sitecore XP is one of the leading online marketing platforms, exposing several unique advanced online marketing features, being its major competitive advantage. Sitecore XP features and unique, built in Big Data analysis system called xDB, which is capable to analyse visitor’s behaviour realtime, deliver advanced personalisation capabilities and drive his activities toward the organisation’s business goals. Thanks to Big Data analysis, Sitecore XP is able to build a holistic visitor’s profile, which is an invaluable material for an online marketer to further expand his knowledge about  company’s customers, potential customers but also competition, who browse company’s website.

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