Saint Gobain

The shared services center is a Saint-Gobain unit that is a world leader in the construction market.  Saint-Gobain Group develops, manufactures, and distributes building materials. It offers innovative  solutions that answer today’s key challenges: economic growth in emerging countries, energy savings,  and environmental protection.


A dedicated solution for accepting cost invoices was based on a SharePoint Server 2010 platform + Nintex Workflow 2010. The solution is tailored to specific customer needs and can be divided into the following modules: • Invoice acceptance process based on acceptance paths • e-invoicing • Digital archive • Supplier management • Report center for bottleneck analysis

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SharePoint is one of the most recognized and widely used DMS/ BMP platforms. It is a Microsoft  product, and for the last couple of years it has become increasingly popular and recognised for its  efficiency. The platform is dedicated to developing tools that support company activities, including  managerial process modeling and efficient document management. SharePoint is easily scalable  so it can be adjusted to ever increasing company needs, which makes it a great enterprise-class tool that is used by corporations around the world. Due to a variety of functionalities, SharePoint  increases its customer base every year.

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