Business Services

Coders Center has vast experience in developing and implementing ECMS and eCommerce systems over the last 10 years. As a result, we are able to effectively analyze systems, evaluate infrastructures and make solid recommendations for improvements.  Our experience means that we are able to offer clients insight into potential changes or upgrades that could be of value. Coders Center provides an initial audit analysis and report package free of charge to new clients.

Enterprise Audit

          Our experts can analyze your systems, perform a dedicated audit of processes and provide an outcome report to help with your business planning and decision making. The audit analysis is free of chargé.  

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Enterprise Consulting

            Engage our enterprise specialists who are at the top of their game and are able to help you make your system reliable, effective and efficient.      

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Dedicated Teams

   Our dedicated team of professional staff are allocated to long-term assignments, meaning less risk for you and an increased focus on individual projects.  

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Remote audit free of charge for new customers

Are you looking for new technologies? Is your current configuration not effective anymore?  Are your omnichannel digital marketing and customer engagement campaigns not delivering?

Let Coders Center’s specialists jump on to your enterprise eco system, undertake a review and come up with some solutions. Not sure if you want to invest in the process? Give us a try and we will show you how painless it can be.

We offer a remote audit free of charge to new customers to help identify where you can increase your market competitiveness using the systems you already have. Our next level of audit support helps you understand how to use your system more effectively and how to harness new technology trends to make you stand head and shoulders above your competitors. Our company can deliver enterprise platforms for medium sized upwards businesses, giving you market solutions that will help your organization grow. 

Enterprise Consulting

Get your current solution back on track

Once developed and deployed, an IT system starts wearing out, just like a new car. In order to get the most from your investment, you don’t want to be regularly paying out for new systems, or building your IT eco systems from scratch again. Coders Center will act as your ‘IT Mechanic’, helping you to get your current solution back on track by maximizing the functionality available and minimizing issues.

If you decide that an upgrade is the answer to your problems, our experts have upgraded a number of solutions for international clients, allowing new and relevant technologies to reach new markets via web and mobile channels, engage customers and improve customer experience. We live in an age of ‘Digital Disruption’ with hundreds of technical solutions, thousands of vendors and an infinite numer of people trying to convince you to work to their way of thinking. Focus on what YOU do best and let Coders Center Enterprise experts sort through the crowd of digital solutions and support to help get your business goals on track.  Your IT eco system CAN work for you and bring you the value you are looking for. If you want to maximize that value, contact us today.

Dedicated teams

Assign dedicated project teams

Great project delivery doesn’t happen if you have a constantly changing team. Coders Center not only employs knowledge sharing processes and procedures, but also assigns dedicated project teams.  Fixed personnel encourages quality, timely delivery and improved effectiveness of project outcomes.

Having said that, our teams are flexible enough to be altered, depending on the ongoing requirements of projects.  All our team members are experieced Developers and follow the latest technology trends, meaning that they can swiftly incorporate themselves into specific project teams.