Coders Center trainings

Coders Center offers a variety of training across digital trends, technologies and processes. Stay up to date and ahead of your competitors through Coders Center support and training.

Customer Engagement

 Dedicated Customer Engagement Training

Personalized messages, personalized products and a constant dialog with new and existing website visitors are of great value to your business.  Omnichannel digital marketing, customer engagement, customer experience, and commerce are the key components desired by every business in their Enterprise CMS systems. 

Coders Center, a technology partner to digital & PR agencies all over the world, understands how to both meet your marketing needs and help you achieve your revenue goals via a platform that will engage and provide value to your  customer.

These days, internet users spend less time looking for what they need. Instead, they want to be presented with what they like and are interested in straight away. They want easy and immediate access to information, products and services.

There are intelligent systems available that can help in automating your customer’s journey. The most valued and recognized by our existing customers are based on Sitecore and Adobe Experience Manager suites.  Our training is aimed at every marketing specialist responsible for digital marketing activities working with an enterprise system that supports the achievement of business goals.  Our training specialists will collect information about the systems in use, your current business challenges and your strategic objectives and will create a bespoke training package for you and your requirements.  Please contact us to find out more about our dedicated customer engagement offering.

Digital Marketing

Dedicated Digital Marketing Trainings

We know how important it is to have an online business presence in today’s digital world. Daily use of a long list of tools and a wide range of subsystems in your IT environment is probably hindering your ability to get your work done, rather than helping it. 

As digital marketing is ever changing and evolving, we know how important it is to create your digital marketing strategy according to the newest Google guidelines and improve your SEO and ad conversion rates. Dedicated digital marketing training offered by Coders Center introduces you to the latest trends in terms of technology and digital marketing best practice. 

We will provide you with information on the newest offerings in the digital marketing arena and advise you on the most suitable strategies to help you reach your goals.  Our trainers will perform dedicated research into available solutions on the market and will offer a comparative overview against your existing system, highlighting ways in which it can be enhanced and improved to help you work more effectively. 

We will share our knowledge about link building, proper backlinking and optimizing your website according to Google/SEO guidelines. Furthermore, we will introduce you to the newest social media and SEM strategies to uplift your business/marketing ROI.

Contact us for more information on our digital marketing training.

ECMS Development

ECMS Development Trainings

Want to train your technical team by taking a deep dive into real live challenges? 

We know how important it is to stay ahead of the game. As a technology partner engaged with many digital and PR agencies, Coders Center is constantly faced with ever more complex technical challenges that we are able to consistently solve. Over the years, our company has delivered a number of successful projects based on Sitecore, Adobe AEM and other enterprise platforms. 

A popular approach after acquiring an enterprise licence is to use external partners to provide IT delivery and solutions, either from full service agencies or technology partners such as Coders Center.

We would be happy to support you and your partners in your ECMS development effort by sharing our best practice approach, access to our technology stack and, of course, tips & tricks on how to use your system to its full capability. We will stay in touch after training with remote consultancy and support services and help you face any ECMS challenges head on.

Contact us for our dedicated ECMS development training offer.

ECMS editor

ECMS Editor Trainings

Nowadays, to achieve success, your company needs to communicate across different channels, be responsive to changes and use automated schedulers whilst constantly monitoring and updating content. It can be hard work.

Coders Center builds, implements and maintains enterprise systems for numerous global customers. We know how to use ECMS effectively and we want to share our knowledge to help you use your system too. 

Best in class enterprise solutions, when implemented correctly, are easy to use and have plenty of functionalities that make an editors life easier. We will help your ECMS editorial team to understand the system they use. Dedicated training is offered across Sitecore, Adobe Experience Manager and other enterprise platforms. Our goal is to drive new and effective ways of working with your system, and say goodbye to any bad habits that have appeared! 

Contact us for more details of our dedicated training, designed to uplift your ECMS editorial skills and take full advantage of your ECMS system.